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Title: The emptiness inside me
Author: Lunschen
Beta: hughville, Thank you so much Laura!!!
Rating: M
Pairings: Hameron (mentions of House/Cuddy, Cameron/Chase)
Summary: Cameron feels empty inside. Can she be saved?
Author note: Chapter 10
Disclaimer: I own nothing!

First of all: I am so so sorry that it took me so long to update but as you all know RL can really be bitchy sometimes. Thank you for all your wonderful comments! You can´t even imagine how much they mean to me! You guys are really amazing!
Now I shut up and let you enjoy the story (well, I hope you enjoy it ^^)!

Chapter 10
Wilson hurried down the corridors of PPTH. He was tired after his adventure with House in the forest and all he wanted was to go home and get some sleep. But even though it was Saturday night, he was on call, so he had no choice in the matter.
After a nurse informed him about the emergency he went to the room searching for Linda.

"Where is she? After all she had to be here all night," he murmured to himself.
But Wilson didn´t have time to wonder for long. After all his patient was suffering and that was his priority now. So he went as fast as he could to the patient´s room.

Half an hour later Wilson was even more exhausted, if this was even possible and angry as well; he really needed Linda in there. Where the hell was she? Angrily, he rushed to his office thinking about whether it made sense to go home at this hour or whether he should get some sleep in his office when he saw her - his long lost nurse Linda!

"Linda where have you been and what are you doing here?" Wilson shouted across the hospital hall.

The nurse immediately turned around. Didn´t he know that Dr. Cuddy needed her? Was she allowed to tell him the reason? After all, he was able to fire her.

"Ahm, Dr. Wilson, nice to see you. I am really sorry....... but..... I.... hmm... had something to do. Dr. Cuddy needed me and all."

She didn’t dare look at him because she was too afraid of being caught. After all she was really bad at lying.

Wilson looked at her skeptically. Being friends with House gave him a plenty of practice catching someone in a lie.
"Oh, I see. That´s very important of course but I am sure you can tell me what you had to do?"
Linda didn´t know what to say but she definitely didn´t want to lie to her new boss. Of course, being fired by Dr. Cuddy wouldn’t be great either. Nonetheless she decided to tell the truth; or a part of it, anyway.

"You see Dr. Wilson, I am not allowed to tell you. I am really sorry but Dr. Cuddy wouldn´t allowed it. If you want to know please ask her. Again, I am really sorry," she said looking down the floor.

Wilson wanted to respond but was interrupted by Cuddy who came down the corridor towards Linda.

"Linda, here you are! Everything alright with the patient?” she asked sending Linda a warning look.

Understanding immediately the nurse responded:"Yes Dr. Cuddy, the patient´s alright. I am going back to see if anything has changed. Good night Dr. Wilson and Dr. Cuddy."

After a "good night" from Wilson and a nod from Cuddy, she hurried back to Cameron’s room.

"Am I allowed to ask what you´re doing with her, Lisa? After all she is MY nurse."

Although his voice was calm, Cuddy could see he wasn´t happy that she took his nurse without saying anything and that´s why she responded almost apologetically; hoping to calm him down so no more questions would be asked:

"I am really sorry James, I must have forgotten to tell you. You see I have this important patient, a possible donor and I needed someone for observation and well, Linda was there and I asked her. You´ll get her back soon, don´t worry."

Wilson wasn´t sure why but something was wrong with this and he didn´t liked it; Lisa seemed somehow different.... nervous maybe. She wouldn´t look into his eyes and played with her earrings when talking. Not really listening to Cuddy’s answer he watched Linda disappear, noting exactly which room she entered.

Before following his new nurse, he had to get rid of Lisa first and so he played along.

"Oh, okay Lisa. I understand that but the next time please ask me first. I think I’ll go home now. I am really tired. Hmm maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight; after all it´s almost morning."

Lisa really seemed relieved. Smiling, she told him: "I promise to ask you first next time. You really should get some sleep. Good night or should I say good morning? I guess it doesn´t matter."

She gave him a small nod and went to her office, glad that everything went so well.

Meanwhile Wilson waited until the dean was out of sight and went straight to the room where Linda was watching Cameron. Pushing the door open, he smiled at his nurse.

"I just wanted you to know that....." but what he saw or rather whom he saw left him speechless and he couldn´t finish his sentence. Instead he looked at the figure in the bed. Could it be? Was this really Allison Cameron?

Slowly he reached for her file afraid of what was written there, watched by Linda with worried eyes. Opening the file, he got his answer: Yes this was really HER.

Wilson stood there for what seemed like a lifetime a worried Linda watching his every move.

House was really right; Cameron was a mess. Nothing was left from the beautiful and young doctor he once knew. Wilson´s thoughts went also back to House. If he knew....

"Dr. Wilson? You okay?" It seemed that the young nurse couldn´t take the silence anymore.

"Yes Linda, I am okay I guess. I know her or I thought I did. What happened to her?" he asked although deep inside he knew the answer.

"She was brought here because of an overdose of cocaine mixed with alcohol. Found in the forest. It seems she was jogging when it happened. It really looks like she wanted to kill herself. But why Dr. Wilson? I mean, look at her. Shouldn´t she be happy? She seemed to be gorgeous and so successful in her job. How depressed must one be to do such a thing?"

Wilson felt his eyes getting wet when he spoke back.
"She´s really a wonderful person - inside and outside - and one of the best doctors I know. I really don´t know what happened. She always was so happy on the phone or so I thought. I really don´t know what happened to her. Has she been unconscious since she was brought here?"

"Yes, she has. But she seems to be having very bad dreams and sometimes she mumbles in her sleep but it´s always just `House'. I really don´t know what that means."

After hearing that, Wilson was just shocked. "She still loves him,” was the first thought that came into his head. He opened his mouth when Cuddy entered the room, not even noticing him at first.

"Nothing new I see. I called the hospital she is dean in or rather WAS in. Really sad story but I can´t do anything." She faked a smile. Maybe it worked for Linda but definitely not for Wilson.
When he couldn´t take it any longer he stepped forward and said as calmly as he could: "Dr Cuddy, I think we should speak in private. Don´t you think so?"

Cuddy spun around, her eyes widening in shock. Just great...

"James, I thought you wanted to sleep. Well, if there´s something you want to discuss I think I´ve got some time for you. Linda, you can take a break now."

Waiting until Linda was out of the room, Wilson burst out:
"What the hell are you doing here? What is going on?"

Lisa had to admit she had never seen Wilson so angry before and somehow it frightened her but after all she was the boss.

"That´s none of your business, Wilson. Stay out of this."
She was angry now, too.

"Have you told House? After all she was his employer and she is murmuring his name in sleep. Last but not least he´s her medical proxy and has every right to know!" He tried to stay calm but it was getting harder with every second.

"No, I haven´t told him and you won´t tell him, either. House won’t and there´s no sense in bothering him. So I trust you not to say a word to House, do you understand, Dr. Wilson?"

She had her best "I-am-the-boss-here-look" on her face but Wilson wasn´t impressed at all.

"What if I haven´t understood, Dr. Cuddy?"

Cuddy was really pissed now and one could hear this when she spoke.
"Then I’ll have to fire you, Dr. Wilson and I swear I’ll do it!" With this she turned around and stormed out of the room, leaving a shocked Wilson behind.

Date: 14 November 2010 01:45 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
He's not falling for that.. right?
Loving it.. =)!

Date: 14 November 2010 11:13 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So happy you like it!
Well, I guess we will see soon *evilgrin*

Date: 14 November 2010 10:56 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Love the update! May I kick Cuddy? :D

Date: 14 November 2010 11:15 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Of course, you may! Go on and have fun!!!

Thank you for your comment!

Date: 29 December 2010 17:56 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I dont know how I missed that long-awaited update !!!!!
I loved everything! I love Wilson and I love the way he faces the shrew.
Please tell me that he did not recoil .... laughs.
Well, I think there's another chapter! I'll read it now!

Date: 30 December 2010 22:04 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you love the story! Kisses back and thank you for commenting!


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