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So my preparation for Paris is almost done - Thank God! I was busy the whole day - shopping, packing my bag, cleaning Lunas room and so on. Crazy how much work you have when you´re going away for some days. It´s a really short trip - I´ll be back Monday, Sunday we´ll visiting Disneyland and the Halloween party there. Tomorrow we want to visit Paris if we´re not to tired after the ride (about 600km).
It could be really great but my PMS is just killing me today! Fucking timing!!! These are the days I regret not being pregnant...

I am packing my laptop, too. It´s a cheap hotel but I was told there´s a good internet access. We´ll see...

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!
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So after laying on the floor for days, he´s got a face now! Thanks to my dad!!! I told him I need him tomorrow for my cuties at school (Halloween in English class) and I guess that´s the only reason he made him. We called him JACK after Jacko lantern and he was outside for his photo session but afterwards we took him home again. My cousin and I think he´s too young and afraid to spend the cold and dark night outside. Now he´s sitting in the living room and watches TV ^^

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I really really love Halloween. Don´t ask me why but I really do! Sadly, it´s not really that famous in Germany. Okay we got some pumpkins and things like that but it´s nothing compared to USA. Well, haven´t been in the States but saw pictures and I am more than impressed! Well, my pumpkin is standing on the floor and needs somebody to prepare him for this night but sadly we´re not really good at it.... Poor buddy!!!!!!

But today we (my parents, my bro and my cousine) booked 2 nights in Paris, from Saturday till Monday including Halloween night in Disneyland!!!! I am soooooo excited!!!! You see I am still a small girl inside (well a little girl with dirty thoughts ^^). I was there at Halloween 5 years ago and every year at the same time I wanna go again and now this dream came true this year!!!! Can´t wait for Saturday! Till then I teach my cuties the secrets of this scary night in English. They love it, too! They are like me about this, SCARY ^^


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