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Look, what I got today from my little bro:

Don´t worry he´s not sick or nice or something - he was FORCED by my mom ^^ But he refused to get to buy them, instead he send my mom - lol! Still cute!


I am so tired today because I stayed up till 4 a.m. because of you and this House episode ^^ The Huddy breakup was the best gift ever for every strong and independant woman and mom!!!! It really brightens up my day and even the sun is shining - I bet it´s a Hameron sun!

I am just afraid that this isn´t over yet! I mean they can´t break the hearts of all these Huddy girls. Who will be watching now? No Hameron, no Huddy and no great medical cases? I fear this is just a break and when the rating are down, Huddy has it´s comeback. I really hope I am wrong but we were fooled too often and I am so not trusting them!!!

But let´s enjoy the moment!!!! Don´t wanna be a killjoy.
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So, my bro bought a new camera, canon 600 whatever. I am just happy he bought it so his whinning has ended - now he´s jumping around happy like being on crack ^^

Poor Luna had a bad day yesterday - she had to take a shower again (which she enjoyed) but then we had to work on her fur (?) - her old wouldn´t go away but her summer one was on his way and it looked like a real mess. The little poor one hates it but she stayed so calm. Even though she didn´t want to stay still, she never bite or something. I had to go away and leave her with my mom because she always tries to find comfort in my arms and won´t go away. So I made her home a little bit nicer and tided up a bit. You can´t imagine what a mess a little bunny can make! So here are new pics of how she looks like with her new spring/summer look ^^ Made by Paddy and his canon thingy - whatever.

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My bro was bored again and played with my juice for tomorrow

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