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I really really love Halloween. Don´t ask me why but I really do! Sadly, it´s not really that famous in Germany. Okay we got some pumpkins and things like that but it´s nothing compared to USA. Well, haven´t been in the States but saw pictures and I am more than impressed! Well, my pumpkin is standing on the floor and needs somebody to prepare him for this night but sadly we´re not really good at it.... Poor buddy!!!!!!

But today we (my parents, my bro and my cousine) booked 2 nights in Paris, from Saturday till Monday including Halloween night in Disneyland!!!! I am soooooo excited!!!! You see I am still a small girl inside (well a little girl with dirty thoughts ^^). I was there at Halloween 5 years ago and every year at the same time I wanna go again and now this dream came true this year!!!! Can´t wait for Saturday! Till then I teach my cuties the secrets of this scary night in English. They love it, too! They are like me about this, SCARY ^^
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It´s Saturday night and I am tired and bored. I guess I am getting old... Because of my boredom I decided to post some Menorca-pictures. Some of them are from my vacation some years ago but it doesn´t matter because Menorca hasn´t changed since then.

Hope you enjoy them

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So I am home again and all I want is to get back. It´s so cold here and I miss the sun.
My flight was ok but boring. But I had some great ideas for chapter 19 and I had to write them down before they got lost and all I had was a biro and see what I did

Yeah Hameron was in the air :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of sun!!!
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I am enjoying my last days here. Thursday I am flying home to cold and rainy Germany *sigh*
But still I have two days here.

Today I show you Binibeca Vell. It´s a small traditional fishing village full of small alleys and everywhere you look are small white houses. So cute and beautiful. I went there by a small and colourful road train. I forced my brother to make some interesting photos and here you´ve got his top two.

Hope you all enjoy your day!
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I promised ally_cam sunshine and here it is!
I am really tired today. Hiking in the burning sun is really a BAD BAD idea.... Now I am the not so proud owner of a sunburn, nothing new here... But it´s not too bad or so I hope.
I also hope you all had a wonderful day!

Kisses and hugs for everyone!!!
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So finally I am in Spain / Menorca and the internet has me again. I am here since a couple of hours and am really tired now (it´s nearly midnight). So far it´s really beautiful here and very peaceful.
I am here for one week and hope to be able to relax a bit. Let´s see...
Poland was nice, too. Had a nice family celebration but the days went by too fast.

Hugs for everyone! I missed you all!!
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Although I doubt that someone will ever read this or visit my journal (I can understand that cause it´s really not that interesting) I am still making this post to inform you that I am on holidays from tomorrow on (Okay first visiting family in Poland and then holiday in Spain with part of family).
I´ll try to stay online because I can´t live without all these wonderful Hameron-journals but mostly without all these wonderful members. I´ll miss you all but hotel in Spain has w-lan and I´ve got my laptop.

Hmmmm is this a soliloquy? If not you can reply if you want! It would make my day and I would be motivated to post more!


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