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So, my bro bought a new camera, canon 600 whatever. I am just happy he bought it so his whinning has ended - now he´s jumping around happy like being on crack ^^

Poor Luna had a bad day yesterday - she had to take a shower again (which she enjoyed) but then we had to work on her fur (?) - her old wouldn´t go away but her summer one was on his way and it looked like a real mess. The little poor one hates it but she stayed so calm. Even though she didn´t want to stay still, she never bite or something. I had to go away and leave her with my mom because she always tries to find comfort in my arms and won´t go away. So I made her home a little bit nicer and tided up a bit. You can´t imagine what a mess a little bunny can make! So here are new pics of how she looks like with her new spring/summer look ^^ Made by Paddy and his canon thingy - whatever.

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So after laying on the floor for days, he´s got a face now! Thanks to my dad!!! I told him I need him tomorrow for my cuties at school (Halloween in English class) and I guess that´s the only reason he made him. We called him JACK after Jacko lantern and he was outside for his photo session but afterwards we took him home again. My cousin and I think he´s too young and afraid to spend the cold and dark night outside. Now he´s sitting in the living room and watches TV ^^

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So, like I told you all before I visited yesterday the Linkin Park concert in Stuttgart and it was really AMAZING!
We were staying infront of the stage and had a great view! For almost two hours we were singing and jumping like mad! My legs are still hurting but it was so worth it!!!!!!!


Here are some pics and vids

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It´s Saturday night and I am tired and bored. I guess I am getting old... Because of my boredom I decided to post some Menorca-pictures. Some of them are from my vacation some years ago but it doesn´t matter because Menorca hasn´t changed since then.

Hope you enjoy them

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So I am home again and all I want is to get back. It´s so cold here and I miss the sun.
My flight was ok but boring. But I had some great ideas for chapter 19 and I had to write them down before they got lost and all I had was a biro and see what I did

Yeah Hameron was in the air :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of sun!!!
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I am enjoying my last days here. Thursday I am flying home to cold and rainy Germany *sigh*
But still I have two days here.

Today I show you Binibeca Vell. It´s a small traditional fishing village full of small alleys and everywhere you look are small white houses. So cute and beautiful. I went there by a small and colourful road train. I forced my brother to make some interesting photos and here you´ve got his top two.

Hope you all enjoy your day!
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I promised ally_cam sunshine and here it is!
I am really tired today. Hiking in the burning sun is really a BAD BAD idea.... Now I am the not so proud owner of a sunburn, nothing new here... But it´s not too bad or so I hope.
I also hope you all had a wonderful day!

Kisses and hugs for everyone!!!


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