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So my preparation for Paris is almost done - Thank God! I was busy the whole day - shopping, packing my bag, cleaning Lunas room and so on. Crazy how much work you have when you´re going away for some days. It´s a really short trip - I´ll be back Monday, Sunday we´ll visiting Disneyland and the Halloween party there. Tomorrow we want to visit Paris if we´re not to tired after the ride (about 600km).
It could be really great but my PMS is just killing me today! Fucking timing!!! These are the days I regret not being pregnant...

I am packing my laptop, too. It´s a cheap hotel but I was told there´s a good internet access. We´ll see...

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!
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I really really love Halloween. Don´t ask me why but I really do! Sadly, it´s not really that famous in Germany. Okay we got some pumpkins and things like that but it´s nothing compared to USA. Well, haven´t been in the States but saw pictures and I am more than impressed! Well, my pumpkin is standing on the floor and needs somebody to prepare him for this night but sadly we´re not really good at it.... Poor buddy!!!!!!

But today we (my parents, my bro and my cousine) booked 2 nights in Paris, from Saturday till Monday including Halloween night in Disneyland!!!! I am soooooo excited!!!! You see I am still a small girl inside (well a little girl with dirty thoughts ^^). I was there at Halloween 5 years ago and every year at the same time I wanna go again and now this dream came true this year!!!! Can´t wait for Saturday! Till then I teach my cuties the secrets of this scary night in English. They love it, too! They are like me about this, SCARY ^^


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