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Look, what I got today from my little bro:

Don´t worry he´s not sick or nice or something - he was FORCED by my mom ^^ But he refused to get to buy them, instead he send my mom - lol! Still cute!


I am so tired today because I stayed up till 4 a.m. because of you and this House episode ^^ The Huddy breakup was the best gift ever for every strong and independant woman and mom!!!! It really brightens up my day and even the sun is shining - I bet it´s a Hameron sun!

I am just afraid that this isn´t over yet! I mean they can´t break the hearts of all these Huddy girls. Who will be watching now? No Hameron, no Huddy and no great medical cases? I fear this is just a break and when the rating are down, Huddy has it´s comeback. I really hope I am wrong but we were fooled too often and I am so not trusting them!!!

But let´s enjoy the moment!!!! Don´t wanna be a killjoy.
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I so need a serie to look forward since House became such a disaster with all this Huddy crap *feeling sick*. Does anyone knows a nice TV show that makes me forget all of this for at least one hour? A nice ship would be great, too. I was thinking about "Bones" (never saw it though) but I am open for other possibilities! (Although Jen plays now in HIMYM I am still no fan of this Show. Don´t know why but it´s not my thing.)

So has someone got a suggestion?


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