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So I am finally really back again. I didn´t had the time to post much the last days because of my guests (my aunt, uncle and my (female) cousin). We met in Poland and then went all together to Menorca. Afterwards they came here and after all those weeks we spend together they went home today and I already miss them :-(

Yesterday we had a wonderful last night together. My cousin, my little brother and I were having a Twilight DVD night (okay I had to admit we forced my bro to watch with us. He lost the vote. Democracy is a really good thing). We watched the first two movies until 3 a.m.
Here how the night went on:

Movie starts. Robert Pattinson is entering the screen.
My cousin and I: Awww
My bro: *rolls eyes* Now I know why I have to watch this crap....
C and I: NO! We like the story, too.
Bro: Whatever.
C: Okay Robert is cute, too.
I: Yeah, he really is. *sigh*
Bro: Sorry, I am not gay but my hair looks better than his.
We: Whatever...

Then: Pattinson without a T-shirt.

We: WOW!
Bro: Oh, please. Haven´t you both heard that these muscles aren´t real?
I: What are you saying? Haven´t heard anything because of Rob here.
Bro: Forget it. Will this never end????

Second Twilight movie. The first hour or so Pattinson wasn´t seen much and I concentrated on the popcorn. The whole time we talked like that:

I: When is Pattinson coming and what is this J-guy (Jacop) doing the whole time on the screen?
Bro: Good thing you´re watching because of the story and not because of this pale guy...
Cousin: We do but this wolf is just so...
I: hairy?
Cousin: Yeah hairy.
Bro: *rolls eyes*
I: Why is he always running around without a Shirt? That´s stupid.
Cousin: Yeah I know. At least his hair is better now.
I. Yeah but who wants a wolf when one can have Pattinson.
Cousin: Nobody! But see the positive side: Maybe it´s better to cuddle with a wolf than with a vampire. You know his pelt is softer.
I: Yeah, that´s right but I would prefer Pattinson in bed.
Cousin: Yeah, me too.
Bro: Oh god, kill me!

And then: Pattinson cames back again!
Cousin and I : AWWWW....
Bro: Yeah we´re watching just because of the story. Right......
We: Psssst. He´s back!
Bro: Whatever!

So, that´s my normal craziness but I have to admit that if I could choose between Robert and Hugh I would immidiately choose HUGH!
I guess I will read the books to the films. At least one happy (for now) love story. Definately better than this Huddy crap.

So, now all of you know how crazy I am. Maybe I should think about acting like an adult but that´s so boring sometimes (You know: Normal is overrated) and that´s why I am still gonna drive my bro crazy but first I have to cuddle with my bunny!
Wish you all a wonderful evening! Love you all!


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