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Here´s the proof that I´am extremly bad at saving money: I´ve got a new handy! My old one (well 1 year old) wasn´t that bad but it had some problems and I just wasn´t happy anymore. So I let my little bro persuade me to buy the same as he has. But the main reason was that it´s very good when you need internet and that´s so great because now I will be able to be on LJ while not being at home and so I´ll carry all of you with me all the time - YAY ^^

But now my problem: Does anyone else here got a HTC handy and can tell me if there´s an Android app for LJ? I only found LJBeetle - nice if you want to post something but I haven´t found the friendpages or other posts I would like to read.

Anyone with ideas?
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Hey guys,
I need your help - again ^^

I promised a friend of mine (no lifejournal-user) to publish some of my stories in but I guess I am too stupid to do so...

The only thing I managed was to upload a story as "story" and I got a preview but that´s all. How is it going with the rating, the genre, status etc? I wanted to send my stories as PMs to her but this would be like giving up and let winning.
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My bro is doing currently a traineeship at a great media agency and he did most of his task so far but got a problem with this one. I am not really a help (non-crative as hell) and promised him to ask here if somebody got an idea.

His task: He needs a name for an italian reataurant and a fitting logo. Afterwards he needs to make a flyer for the opening.

Anyone got an idea? Whatever it is - post it please. We´re grateful for EVERY idea!

Have a nice Sunday!
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Does anyone know how to count words in TextEdit (Apple)?
I am writing the fanfic for the camping challenge (or I try to...) but I have no idea how to count the words and I am too lazy to do this by myself

Help, pleeeeaaaaaaseeeee!


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