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I really really love Halloween. Don´t ask me why but I really do! Sadly, it´s not really that famous in Germany. Okay we got some pumpkins and things like that but it´s nothing compared to USA. Well, haven´t been in the States but saw pictures and I am more than impressed! Well, my pumpkin is standing on the floor and needs somebody to prepare him for this night but sadly we´re not really good at it.... Poor buddy!!!!!!

But today we (my parents, my bro and my cousine) booked 2 nights in Paris, from Saturday till Monday including Halloween night in Disneyland!!!! I am soooooo excited!!!! You see I am still a small girl inside (well a little girl with dirty thoughts ^^). I was there at Halloween 5 years ago and every year at the same time I wanna go again and now this dream came true this year!!!! Can´t wait for Saturday! Till then I teach my cuties the secrets of this scary night in English. They love it, too! They are like me about this, SCARY ^^

Date: 27 October 2010 01:44 (UTC)
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Oh that's so cool... you're taking pictures right? *-*
I can't say I like or not Halloween since it's not pretty big here in Mexico [and we're so close to the US]
Anyways we have here. EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. It's a beautiful tradition. It's a day when family get together to remember the people who'd died. We make a LOOOOT OF DELICIOUS FOOD and left it there the night before November 2nd. Then the morning after we go to the cementary and eat the food there. Seriously... I'd love to live a halloween like they do in the US but our November 2nd it's pretty cool.

PS: DId I just ramble a lot there? xD!

Date: 27 October 2010 20:20 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Don´t worry, you´re not rambling and I will take MANY MANY pictures, I promise!
You´re tradition really seems wonderful! It sounds awesome to go to the cementary and spending time and dinner with the dead people.
It´s strange but I really love cementaries! I could spend hours and days there. I love the peace and the silence but many people tell me I am crazy because of this but I really don´t care.
In Germany and Poland we´re celebrating "All Saints´Day" every November 1st. We´re going to the cementary and think and talk about the dead ones. It´s rather quiet in Germany but I love spending this day in Poland. Whole families are meeting at the cementary and everywhere are candles and flowers! Their flames are lightening the night and young people are singing songs. It´s just awesome! Sadly I won´t spend it there this year but I hope the next one.


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